In A Moment © Pathway Music (England)

In a moment - you can turn your head around
Change perspective, different view
Same old world but seen anew
Look beyond the usual ways
Change forever, come what may
But moments, they pass

In a moment - you can take another path
Switch direction, change your plans
Make a difference, make a stand
Kick some habits, claim again
Treasure lost since way back when
But moments don’t last

Turn your head is one thing - No more than a start
But it’s something else to follow through and live what’s in your heart
(And) slipping back to old familiar ways is all too easy, don’t we know?

In a moment - you can turn your life around
Sense who’s faking, who’s for real
Start to trust the way you feel
In this instant, free from fear
Touch eternity, be clear
Find the secret of bliss at moments like this

I n s t r u m e n t a l

In a moment - you can sense without a doubt
What is false and what is true
What you should or should not do
Tell what’s wrong from what is right
‘N through the darkness shine your light
For that’s how it is at moments like this