Prisoners of Paradox © Pathway Music (England)

Prisoners of paradox, confused in conflict, 'bout to hit the rocks,
Trapped in a box that's built to keep you here in fear.
So, what's been going on?
Have we been programmed just to jog along?
Is it mind control? Have you been separated from your soul, so to speak?
Fragmented, schizo split, your mind in many bits? Sleep on.

Puppet power politics. Pretentious make believe. It's just a fix, slick tricks
By hidden hands that pull the strings while we cling to illusions galore
At war with our shadows wherever they fall.
'Cause it's mind control. Such clever creatures work in ways untold
To keep us troubled whether young or old
And divide this whole world into Us and them.
Time to think again, my friends. Meanwhile...

I'm flying free. Being what I'm born to be.
I know what's right for me. (It's my destiny)

Poverty in Plentyland. Have you been programmed not to understand
The sleight of hand, the con, the money trick? If you don't suss it quick
You'll be a slave bravely waving your freedom goodbye.
'Cause mind control can make you willing to be bought and sold
And think you're winning as the scam unfolds, as you behold the truth.
Too late, you cry, you sigh. That's why...

I'm flying free. You can stay if you choose.
I've got everything to gain, precious little to lose.
A hostage held in frozen thought I will not be.
My spirit finally found its wings and I began to see.... (quite differently).

How shall we break such a spell? The question is part of this test that we're taking
To see if we're making this place here a heaven or hell. Well?

Hypnotized. The answers dance around before our eyes
But not surprisingly we blunder on and wonder what's gone wrong.
Who runs this show? We need to know before we blow it all.

I'm flying free. Don't feel trapped any more.
Don't need approval 'cause I know the score.
I need to feel alive now the whole way through.
I'll reap whatever karma comes from the things I do.
I'll pay my dues.

I'm flying free. I will not live in fear.
Kept in captivity for all those years
I didn't realise, but now I do.
Was living like a robot. Remote controlled was I.
How about you?