Sleepwalking, Sleeptalking © Pathway Music (England)

The daydream's turned into a nightmare now, somehow.
And in the middle of it all you call,
I'm falling down, down, down...too deep,
On a slope too steep to keep control.
Am I asleep, or what?'

Locked in a loop, going round and round,
Bound and tied, rigidified
In habits and fears born of years
Repeating all those same mistakes
And still not awake.
But faking it, making do,
Just getting through,
In a slumber
'Til my number's called.
'Til enough's enough
Of this blag and bluff,
This stuff, these words.
We've heard too much.
Want to bring this bad dream to an end.
Want to start again.
But when, when, when....

Is anybody here awake?
Answer me, for heaven's sake.
Heaven isn't hard to find?
No, it's a state of heart and mind.
Heave-en up and out of sight
Elevated into light.
Feel the high vibrations there.
Inside, outside, everywhere.

    Sleepwalking. Where’ve you been today?
    Sleeptalking. What’re you trying to say?

Is anybody here awake?
Have we made a big mistake?
Let ourselves be led astray?
Now there is a price to pay.
When I count from one to three
Open up your eyes and see
Things are not the way you thought.
Look again at what you've bought.

    Sleepwalking. Where’re you gonna go?
    Sleeptalking. Tell us what you know.

Here we go....


Is anybody here awake/
Can you tell what's real or fake?
How about democracy?
It's no more than a fantasy,
A numbers game, a cheap charade.
When you stop to think real hard
What you're really voting for
Suddenly, you're not so sure.

Is anybody here awake?
What d'you reckon it would take
To wake up from this dream and see
How much more this life could be?
Satan keeps you in the mire
Stops you getting any higher
Lucifer is something else,
Helps you over-reach yourself.
(And they're only names)
    Sleepwalking. Where does it all lead?
    Sleeptalking. Tell us what you need.

How much do you care?