The Magick © Pathway Music (England)

Down to earth I came
To this body and a name.
Lesson One was soon begun
As I learned to play the game,
After which I was never quite the same.
But I knew,

The magick is all around us
Though hid from our earthly eyes.
We're fooling until we've found it.
Oh-oh, better get wise.

Looking back now, through my troubled youth,
I was rarely told the truth.
Bits they'd twist and bits they'd miss.
So those I'd trust were few.
They were my guides, 'cause they were the ones who knew.
And they'd remind me,

The magick is all around us... etc

I used to wonder: Why they'd deny what they feel?
Which left me asking: What have they got to conceal?
(Where’s the magic gone?)
As they'd fake it and make out
The games they'd play were real.

And only as I grew
Did the light come shining through.
So that looking round, what I found
Was virtually, no one really knew.
So, what was I to do?
I had to say it,

The magick is all around us.... etc