There's No Such Thing As Money


© Pathway Music (England)

Money trouble here, money trouble there
Everywhere trouble in a money bubble world

But how come?
Well, here's a thought that may sound strange
But changes everything... forever

There's no such thing as money
Hmm? That's right
There's no such thing as money
(When you think it through, you know it's true)

It's a simple truth, a fact, no lie,
You can't deny, so don't even try
Banknotes, coins, numbers on a screen
Don't mean a thing 'til you've been deceived
And believe they're worth whatever you're told

Were you sold, a dream of gold and wealth
By stealth, a conjured up illusion
Followed by, that's right, confusion
Like 'Now you see it, now you don't'?
'S just numbers 'n they're not real

There's nothing there, but here's the joke
It's clear that certain folk have won
And done OK through playing the money game...
(Scoring imaginary points)

So, what is this con, this money trick?
It's pretty sick when you understand
It was planned out long ago
To weave a web, a net to get the world in debt
To the favoured tribes who bribe and cheat
Through deceit and lies
And, no surprise, think that they deserve the best
While the rest, you guessed, fight over the scraps
In a trap they still don't see... because

There's no such thing as money
It's conjured up out of nothing at all
There's no such thing as money
It's a hoax for which folks continue to fall

Once it was a useful means of exchange
But that all changed when the goldsmiths found
They could mess around And lend out pretend paper money instead (and charge interest)
Which led to them issuing more and more
Than all the gold they'd hoarded and stored
And out of this fraud, this rank deceit
A banking elite arose to control
The whole world's money supply
(A syndicate of central banks)

But I do need to say, this is no rant
It's not anti-you or to do with hate
'S just a straight talking song of wrongs revealed
That can be healed if this we choose
And use our eyes to realise
Just what's been going on
Then we'll know what to do when the system crashes
And out of the ashes arises anew from this little seed
A chance to create, before it's too late
A world that puts need before greed

And so... the bottom line is, Who's being conned?
By cheats beyond the rule of law
Who more or less ignore the rules
And think you're fools 'cause they've taken control
Of whole the money game worldwide... and yet
There's no such thing as money
(While millions are struggling just to survive)
There's no such thing as money
(Yet the moneymongers continue to thrive)

Two questions... Despite all the fraud and make-believe
Can you conceive of life without this imaginary stuff
Enough of which there never seems to be?
And are you being fooled, divided and ruled
By a greedy few who do what they do
'Cause they believe they're better than you?

In this game of pretend, they lend, you spend
'Til you count the cost and find you've lost
'Cause it's rigged and fixed, so the tricksters win
Your pockets picked by afflicted souls, addicted to control
And the whole thing's a big scam... because
There's no such thing as money
Once again –
Money trouble here, money trouble there
Everywhere trouble in a money bubble world

Meanwhile... the media mouths, they talk the talk
Put on a show and toe the line
Resigned, which isn't any wonder
Since they're funded by the syndicate
Who've got the state so deep in debt
It can't escape and yet...

Who needs games of blame that name and shame
Then make the same mistakes?
Well, could we break away and say 'Enough!
This stuff's no earthly good?
We could, but at a price (It's called trust)

So... what is the price for a world more sane?
The main thing is to wake up fast
At last, to how you're kept in fear
Kept insecure and never sure
Who's telling lies disguised as facts
To distract you from the subtle ways
You're being confused, abused, misled
Like cattle bred for what?... and
There's no such thing as money
(Where are those trillions, zillions and more?)
There's no such thing as money
(And no one's really keeping score)

However...For the middle class professional folk
It'll be no joke when they find themselves
Cast off and poor, and not quite sure
Just how this could have happened...
Thrown overboard by those who lord it over the rest
And act like they know best

So, is there life beyond this mess?
The answer's yes, but what's the deal?
The real priority is first of all
To overcome your fear
'Cause the hour is passed for heads in sand
We need to plan the path ahead
And tread with care, yet dare to start
To take apart, remove, replace,
The scenery and machinery
Of a world that's built on fear... because
There's no such thing as money
('S like an evil spell you need to break)
There's no such thing as money
(Yet addiction to money's a hard one to shake)

Money trouble now, money trouble then
Once again, trouble in a money bubble world

And you need to know 'bout Mama SCAB
Who'll grab whatever she can get
To pay the debts she'll claim she's owed
Although she knows it's all a fraud
And rewards those who comply... (Google her!)

Nation states she's long controlled
Beholden to her, thus they've stayed
Their sovereign debts unpaid

'N within her clan, the governors of central banks
They rank among the biggest fakes
Who make out that they're doing good
But couldn't give a damn that it's a sham they represent...

This family firm that's global now
Who've somehow stayed a step ahead
Their QE's just a con, my friend
So yet again the tricksters win
By spinning yarns until the will to spill the beans
Is strong enough to bring it to an end

Petty fraudsters go to jail
But when it's on a global scale
Too big to fail's a neat excuse
For bailing out and sailing on regardless...

'Cause otherwise the house of cards would soon collapse
('N) Perhaps these bankrupt states as well
Whose sell-by dates are now long gone
Too late to save, their fates already sealed... because
There's no such thing as money
(The visible winners are seen every day)
There's no such thing as money
(Yet the unseen controllers stay hidden away)

So, to sum up...
B2 We're talking 'bout a sickness more than a crime
So it's time to be healing – not wheeling and dealing
But time to be grown up and own up... because
Greed is insecurity, an emptiness inside
Which won't be denied, so we have to decide
If these cravings for more, never unsatisfied,
Are a source of pride, a habit to hide
Or just symptoms of lives unfulfilled?

Meanwhile... SCAB money poisons everything
But nation states don't sing because
She's got them in hock – lock, stock and all
(With exceptions for family and friends)

Austerity or boom, gloom or glut
No ifs or buts, SCAB always wins
'Cause she controls the money flow
And knows exactly when to act
Then buys or sells and profits again
While others just look on...

So the winners with the biggest scores
Grab more real stuff from those
Who lack enough for a decent life... and yet
There waits a world beyond money and debt
But to get there's not an easy trip
When gripped by fear and guilt...
Also... Gold and silver are not the way
Since they encourage selfish greed
When human needs could all be met
By what this Earth provides

(So) Money's false power, a con, a bluff
Those devious enough can exploit if they choose
But you have look behind the
News For clues 'bout who's been up to what
And read between the lines to know
It's just a show on the big world stage
The secret sponsors fund... because

There's no such thing as money
(These tokens of a broken world)
There's no such thing as money
(Be fooled no more, now you know the score)
There's - no - such - thing - as - money (money, money...).