What is this Threshold?

The Threshold, in this work, is an elevated level of consciousness
at which you can transcend the limitations of a ground level perspective on this world.

This provides:
1. a powerful overview to see all things in their greater cosmic context,
2. some penetrating insight into the essence/heart/core of whatever is focused on.

Thus you can gain an appreciation of the underlying coherence of the cosmos,
and a deeper understanding of this world and your own life.

You are also able to look beyond the limitations of the worldviews
currently being instilled in minds worldwide
through education systems and the mass media.
These are the principal means through which humanity’s sickness is being perpetuated
by a small minority who are very much part of that sickness,
as they try to maintain their worldly advantages.

     In The Threshold Perspective, a wide range of topics are addressed, illustrating the universal relevance of this worldview. And out of all that has emerged an inspired, coherent and practical vision for humanity's self-healing.

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