What Kind of World...? © Pathway Music (England)

What kind of home is this?
How does it feel to be here?
What does your heart say?
Is this a place where you like to be?
Does it have a good atmosphere?
Where we can give of our best
Or has something goes seriously wrong?
Think about it,
     What kind of world do we want? (rpt)

We've been divided and ruled (That's the trick)
And filled with fear for too long,
Always under somebody's thumb
So, do we stay weak, like lost sheep,
Or is it time to be strong?
We have the power to change,
If only we knew it.
And right now there's something special going on.
Ask yourself
     What kind of world do we want? (rpt)


So many choices to make,
So many ways it could all go.
But the big question now for all of us is
Are we gonna grow up or not?
Time’s running out.
We have to know who we can truly trust
'Cause this time we can't afford to get it wrong.
So, think carefully now,
     What kind of world do we want? (rpt)