Who Do You Call? © Pathway Music (England)

Who are you? what’s your name?
Are you just a body with a name?
But then you know you’re a whole lot more.
So what are you living for?
Think about it. You’ll be glad you did.

Who do you call when you’re lost without a clue
When you don’t know what to do or say
‘N there seems to be no way through?

Who do you seek in the mystery of the night
Long before the morning light is due
And nobody’s there but you?
Where do you turn?

Hoping still to find somewhere
Answers to unspoken prayers
Somewhere in the great out there

So, who do you ask
When you need to know what’s true
When the world’s been fooling you?
It seems there must be someone, but who?

Give yourself a break. You’ve got what it takes.

Hungry eyes still search around
Hope to find what can’t be found
Heart cries out but makes no sound

Then who do you find
In the silence deep within
When you suddenly begin to know
You’re more that you thought. That’s who.

I’m staring at the sky with tears in my eyes.