Articles written from the Threshold perspective

by M I Finesilver

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This work is not motivated by any religious, political or commercial commitments or allegiances.

The articles, on a variety of subjects, are offered as a way of sharing the quiet but significant power of the Threshold perspective, which reveals that three basic principles govern the origin and workings of the cosmos and all that it comprises, as explained in The Threshold Perspective.

This may at first seem unlikely, so the only way to check its validity is to test it out for yourself in your own life in an honest, open-minded and unbiased way.



Brexit 2016: What it's really about
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How the Cosmos Works - in Three Words

This seemingly trivial claim refers to the recent profound discovery that, viewed from the Threshold perspective, the cosmos, in all its endless complexity, can be seen to have originated and to function according to just three simple but fundamental universal principles. These are familiar and not new or original in themselves, but when combined in the right order, they enable a powerful understanding that transcends all disputed differences, religious, scientific, political, economic etc...

Can it really be that simple? The only way is to test out it for yourself.

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Creation v. Evolution: progressing beyond that futile squabble

'I am inclined to view the world as if it were the result of designed laws, but with the details left to chance.' (Charles Darwin)

The subject of evolution raises some of the deepest questions we can ask about our human existence: Who are we? How did we come to be here? and How did we come to be the way we are now?

However, addressing these questions in a clear-minded way is made all the more difficult by a long-running divisive conflict. In simple terms, it's the dispute between certain religious fundamentalists known as creationists who take the biblical ‘Seven Days’ story literally, and those secular materialists, known as evolutionists, who deny any kind of directed or purposeful creative processes driving Nature. The Threshold perspective enables us to think beyond that deadlocked dispute, and realise that the ongoing evolving of human consciousness is the key to understanding the diverse evolving of all living physical forms.



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This presents a perspective that sees natural evolution in the greater context of cosmic evolution, without regressing into mystical/religious assumptions about creators and specified timescales. It also looks beyond the materialistic-mechanistic mindset of the Darwinians, whose conclusions are based on observations primarily of the physical forms of living creatures and fossils. When the primacy of consciousness is taken as the starting point, a much more enlightened, coherent and consistent understanding becomes possible. Then we're looking at the involution of consciousness into physical-material forms, resulting in the ongoing evolving of human consciousness and our physical earthly forms... such that human consciousness represents the 'growing tip', the 'avant garde', of natural evolution on Earth.

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What Is This International Community: Is there such a thing or is it merely a political fiction?

Humankind has long found itself divided and ruled, and further subdivided into various groupings by the kind of leaderships that require enemies in order to justify their own dominant, controlling positions as rulers and 'protectors' of 'their' people.

However, as human consciousness continues to evolve into a new phase of global awareness, the world of sovereign nation states and federations will inevitably continue to evaporate into a kind of 'heritage' memory. Today it's little more than a superficial pretence, a fiction, desperately being promoted by those who think they're winning so long as it can be preserved. Meanwhile, its figurehead characters are increasingly becoming part of the celebrity culture and decreasingly commanding any significant measure of awe and respect.

As such, that decaying world is looking increasingly like an elaborate old fashioned board game in which the competing players shift around various symbolic bits and pieces in their attempts to win territorial and other advantages. It's all somewhat animal-like and primitive, requiring little grasp of humankind's essential interdependence in this global era.


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The Aether Lives


This is a brief introduction to a fundamental reality of our very existence and experience as living beings, a reality that materialistic scientists continue to ignore or deny. Apart from professor of physics, Paul Davies' proposition of what he called a 'quantum ether' in the 1980s, the very concept of the (a)ether has been a taboo subject for scientists – such that they've had to keep coming up with other names for it, such as quintessence or the quantum vacuum. Certain experiments around the end of the 19th century which supposedly disproved the existence of the aether were based on deeply flawed assumptions about what the nature of the aether might be.

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A $1 Million Reward for... a Number Puzzle?


A journalistic view of the how the 2000+ year old enigma of the prime numbers sequence was resolved in 2006 by applying the principles of Threshold Mathematics. This starts from way beyond the walls of the conventional mathematics castle, and only then homes in on the numbers themselves. It then delivers, in a consistent, logical way, the pattern behind the previously mysterious sequence that eluded so many great mathematical minds for centuries.

How, in the 21st century...
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What kinds of societies turn out young men capable of horrendous cruelty and violence, perpetrated in the name of traditional, religious, tribal, ethnic or nationalistic beliefs?

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The Primal Code (excerpt)


The 2000+ year old mathematical enigma of the prime numbers sequence has been resolved by investigating it from the Threshold perspective, with a psychological approach that transcends the current conventional mathematical mentality. The pattern found reveals the three fundamental principles governing how the cosmos originated and functions.This then leads to a resolution of the previously unresolved Riemann Hypothesis (1859), explaining why it can neither be proved nor disproved, owing to flaws in the assumptions behind it.