Notes from the Threshold

(no longer available, replaced by The Threshold Perspective)


The Threshold Dialogues

(1) This work is not motivated by any religious, political or commercial commitments or allegiances.

(2) Unfamiliar terms such as SCAB, descent into matter, ascent out of matter,  OH and ASS are explained in the above documents.


Money / Economics

Money: an illusion

Money is essentially an abstract idea, imaginary, a fantasy based on a shared belief.

...a thought-form... collectively treated as if it were physically real.

The pretence works through the use of symbolic tokens,

each valued as a specific number of units, like points which can be gained or lost,

added or deducted, according to how the 'money game' is played.

The resulting score achieved is the balance or total value of monetary wealth held.

Notes from the Threshold


"...the whole... system of debt money... is, on closer inspection, just an elaborate piece of make-believe, a scam... one of the all-time great confidence tricks... since there's actually no such thing as money. It's all in the mind..."

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 1


How come?

There are more than enough natural resources available, people willing to work,

and the technical know-how to meet all basic human needs.

So why does humanity still persist with a perverse, unjust, monetised world culture,

capitalism,in which the most needy are deprived of what they most urgently need?

From the Threshold, it's clear how humanity has been and is being programmed

into a misguided belief in money and economics,

whose warped logic decrees that certain available essentials 'can't be afforded'.


The back story, much simplified, looks something like this.

- One group of people long ago discovered how to exploit the power of the money trick,

but in the process became addicted to money and the worldly rewards it brings.

- They later contrived to gain monopolistic control as suppliers of money to the world,

through central banks, thus reinforcing their pathological sense of God-given superiority.

- To support their own habit, they enticed much of humanity into getting hooked too,

which spread into a global epidemic of money addiction and capitalism.

- The American Dream was a 1930s mass marketing ploy to sell capitalism, ie selfish greed,

packaged up with the political ideals of individual freedom, democracy and patriotism.

Notes from the Threshold


From the Threshold perspective, capitalism is a sick relic of the 'descent into matter' era...

Notes from the Threshold


 SCAB is born (revised)

In 1694 the Bank of England was established as the English government's bank,

an event seen by some as the handing over of English sovereignty to a group of financiers.

This granting of the exclusive right to finance a national government and charge interest

in effect created the monopolistic institution now known as a central bank.

Other branches of this private, profit-driven, family business were set up across Europe,

and later, arch-banks, ie the World Bank, IMF and BIS were added.

It has now evolved into a global Syndicate of Central and Arch-Banks (SCAB).

                                                                                                 Notes from the Threshold


"So this is the moment when the dark, murky secrets of Mama SCAB need to be revealed – not out of any malice or vindictiveness, but simply for the future wellbeing of humankind.

For a start, one major deception that's complicitly perpetuated by all the media experts could be ended instantly, and that is the pretence that the various SCAB institutions, such as the IMF and all the central banks, are somehow separate, independent organisations."

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 1 



BBC's wall-to-wall capitalism promos

In the UK, from the 1980s the BBC dedicated more and more broadcasting time

to financial, commercial and economic affairs... and this development was no accident.

It coincided with Britain's rapidly increasing national debt

owed to the Bank of England, ie SCAB...

The 2007 credit crunch then greatly intensified media attention on big-time finance, such that the wall-to-wall coverage amounted to a major propaganda blitz...

promoting capitalism... and therefore indirectly, SCAB.

And...throughout all this, one unmistakable message was being delivered:

All major challenges confronting humanity have to be addressed and evaluated

in terms of money, ie within the warped logic of economics, the creed of capitalism...

Notes from the Threshold



...This will be a major test, given how Mama SCAB and her main dependants have for so long been promoting greed as a great virtue, under various euphemisms such as 'enterprise' and 'wealth creation'. But now we're moving out of the descent era and into the ascent phase, humanity can move beyond the stifling deadlock it's been caught up in for so long... This is big-time adapting and mutating, part of the evolving of human consciousness.

And since the three main problem areas – the religious, financial and political – are all intertwined, they have to be dealt with simultaneously... with a clear sense of direction as to where we're heading. And the key to this will be how the energies, enthusiasm and abilities of those who've been misled into ways damaging to life on Earth can be converted, turned around into activities directed towards the wellbeing of all instead.

Which is where the OH, the One Humanity thing comes in...

McTeale, Dalogues, Session 2


...What is a state – as distinct from a government, a country, a nation or a people?

And how does it work?

The State

an official protection racket

The word state, like status and static, refers to how things 'stand',

ie the state of affairs or status quo, regarding authority, power, wealth and privileges.

In any country, the State can be seen as essentially a territorial protection racket.

The ruling elite makes a non-refusable offer of 'protection' to its subjects,

and demands in return the payment of taxes as protection money,

obedience to its rules and loyalty to its leaders.

In wealthier societies, as a calculated concession,

state 'protection' also includes the provision of whatever minimum welfare it takes

to offset mass discontent and pre-empt the possibility of revolution.

This provision is usually blurred into the idealistic notion of so-called public service.

Notes from the Threshold


"Also, let's just remind ourselves, states are not the same thing as so-called governments, which come and go like the weather... since the politicians who win the most votes in those trivial numbers games called 'elections' are little more than distracting ornaments – whether it's presidents, prime ministers or whatever. They're put in place to create the illusion that they represent the interests of 'the people', when they're really only there on licence to sell the agendas of their hidden controllers...

Levy, Dialogues, Session 1


Another big illusion needing to be dispelled in this globalised world is the out-of-date idea of a nation. Today this means a collection of different peoples and cultures, herded into an artificial reservation called a country, separated off from other reservations by guarded borders, and ruled over by a dominant territorial gang at the head of a set-up called the state...

Levy, Dialogues, Session 3


...let's not delude ourselves... the basic state apparatus... that is, the police, the military, the civil and the secret services... Who are they really serving and protecting, if not 'the public', ie the ordinary citizens? Why, it's the ruling bloodline dynasties and their entourages and hangers-on... and of course, indirectly, their ultimate creditor, SCAB, the global syndicate of central and arch banks..."

Levy, Dialogues, Session 1 the 2011uprisings in the Arabian Middle East these basic components of every nation state were starkly highlighted. It was made clear that their primary function is to enable ruling elite regimes to carry on lording it over the people. It's just that in those extreme middle-eastern masculine dictatorships of the old descent era, how it all works was exposed in a much more obvious, gross way than people are used to in the Western world... where the mechanics of domination and control are obscured behind the superficial, soft facades of 'numbers game' democracy and corrupt, rigged capitalism.


So, you had armed state forces and police being ordered to violently crush internal uprisings... ie the undisguised, un-cushioned masculine iron fist... Meanwhile, at that time in the West, probably few citizens could imagine themselves being shot at by army and police personnel whose wages they were paying through their taxes.


re the 2011 'Occupy' demos

"...They were no mere 'protests', as the BBC and other mass media chose to name and frame them – in the old sense of powerless protesting to powerless politicians. They were potent demonstrations of intent... early indications of the emerging One Humanity, OH awareness – as yet without a unifying name... but nonetheless a radically new kind of social impulse for the ascent era. And the absence in them of top-down, centralising leaderships meant there were no obvious targets for the old regimes to undermine, corrupt or attack.


This new impulse is not about tinkering with the failed old set-up of inherently corrupt economics, compromised politics and supremacy religions. The demonstrators are seeking a better way of living and running human affairs on Earth. This is a whole new concept of globalisation – ie not about building greed- and power-lusting global empires, cartels and monopolies. Instead it's about thinking beyond all those redundant set-ups...

This requires both a clear understanding of how the present problem situation actually works and a shared vision of a more balanced, sane set-up and how to get there. All of which you can get from the Threshold perspective.

Levy, Dialogues, Session 5


ASS – Addictive Superiority Syndrome

Addiction involves being enslaved to a desire –

usually to repeat an experience associated with some form of pleasure or relief.

This means being trapped in a distorted state of consciousness,

with a habitual craving to indulge in some kind of substitute gratification.


How does addiction happen?

The 'descent into matter' has left humanity fragmented into isolated units,

largely disconnected from the oneness of the cosmos.

This has created a sense of insecurity and a desire to rediscover the power of the lost unity.

These challenging circumstances have resulted in many people's lives seeming unfulfilled,

dulled, inhibited... and worse.

So making do with substitutes or medical relief sometimes seems the best compromise.

The outcome may then be a balancing act between opposite emotional states.


Addictive Superiority Syndrome (ASS)is an extreme addictive condition

with its own pathological symptoms of assuming one's own superiority...


What drives the craving for superiority?

The 'descent into matter'produced a world of densityand inertia,

a world in which physical action and outcomes can lag way behind thoughts and intentions.

The delay can cause frustration and a feeling of being thwarted or failing.

...Sometimes people catch unwelcome reflections of their own failings

through glimpsing these in other people...

One way of dealing with such discomforting experiences is not to acknowledge the reflecting,

but instead to project the feelings of discontent and failure back on to the 'reflector'...

imagining oneself to be superior to that person.

For some, this attitude has become a habit, a way of life,

which has evolved into a shared ASS culture of assumed superiority over others.


Whose problem?

Humanity is presently being dominated, controlled and exploited by

a small, self-selecting group of addicts

whose pathological condition means they cannot avoid making life worse

for everyone else.

That is, so long as they're allowed to continue indulging their habit.

They're addicted to a delusion that they are superior human beings

with an inherent right to:

- excessive wealth

- unjustifiable privileges

- and unmerited authority

to dominate life on Earth.



But don't we all suffer from this ASS tendency?

...all people are potentially addicts.

Which is why all people can identify with ASS behaviour and understand it...


Since the ASS problem can be understood, it can be overcome.

If each individual is an essential part of the ASS problem,

then potentially each is an essential part of the solution, the healing.

Notes from the Threshold


Media Studies

(The channelling of information and ideas into the collective consciousness has always been crucial to to ruling elites.)

... the so-called news media have long been exploited... to convince populations –

through fear-mongering, comforting and persuading –

that the political and economic status quo, however imperfect,


is the best option available.

1. People are deprived of certain essential knowledge and fed distorted information.

2. The process of omission, misinforming and feedback is itself deliberately concealed.

In this way, a loop of not knowing and impotence preserves the status of a small minority,

at the expense of the distracted and disempowered mass majority worldwide.


Democracy: an interactive numbers game

From the Threshold, so-called democracy in modern Western-style countries

looks like a superficial, mass media, interactive gameshow about numbers of votes...

which reinforces the delusion that those candidates who win a numerical majority

of the votes cast at an election truly represent 'what the people want '. 

All the while, in any society the wise ones who understand the bigger picture

of what humanity needs most, always constitute a small numerical minority.

So their potential contribution is largely excluded in a world mesmerised by numbers,

as presented by the mass media...


Wise old USA Professor Noam Chomsky:

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum

of acceptable opinion but allow very lively debate within that spectrum

even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

That gives people the sense that there is free thinking going on,

while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced

by the limits being put on the range of the debate."


The real BBC – behind the window dressing

...behind its prestigious frontage and glorified history lies a shadowy reality...


Propaganda, advertising... what's the difference?

The BBC is primarily a propaganda instrument, an organ of the British State,

which is itself deeply in debt to SCAB and therefore dependent upon it.

So everything the BBC does or doesn't do is influenced by this state of dependency.

As a direct consequence, there has been an increasing emphasis across BBC schedules


on matters financial and economic, all serving to raise the prestige of SCAB.

Control of the mass media means control of public opinion ...


To this end, public opinion is manipulated by clever, media-smart professionals

who know how to reduce important issues down to superficialities

of personality and style, which are then hyped up into soap-like dramas.

...Financial and stock market updates are now regularly included in news bulletins,

creating the impression that this endless stream of ' fear and greed ' numbers

is vital public information... like weather reports...


...When news presenters call the president of the USA ' the most powerful man in the world ',

they know that this is nothing more than trite propaganda.

But the claim, repeated over and over, inevitably raises the question:

For whose purposes and to achieve what ends is such a deceit being perpetrated?

Who would be trying to persuade millions of people to believe that a human puppet,

under the control of the ruling elite, wields any real power and authority?

For in the strictly controlled business of mass media, very little happens just by chance.

And in the history of propaganda and advertising,

repetition has long proved to be a very effective means of mass persuasion.

Notes from the Threshold


 "So, does this tie in with your comments about the 'gossip industry', as you call the news media business? You know, all that stuff about mass produced daily fixes of ready-to-consume, instant gossip... packaged and sold like junk food as substitute nourishment... compensation for the meaningless, unfulfilling lives of the millions of junk addicts... those who were never taught how to question the way their lives are being stifled etc etc. Which all fits in, as you claim, with SCAB's agenda for keeping them dependent like children – fighting amongst themselves while rejecting the idea of any kind of higher consciousness."

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 2 


Spirituality /Religion

(In the context of the current world transition from an era of descent to ascent) can see how different cultures have each produced their own self-promoting religious institutions, which tend to preach messages of their superiority over others, proclaiming 'We are the chosen ones' or 'We are the saved ones' or 'We are the righteous ones'. And the jealous hostility among these three – that has long been promoted and exploited by their leaderships in order to justify their own status – is still lurking behind many of the world's major problems today.

... each of these traditions also has its transcendent level where the emphasis is on the unity of all humankind.

Levy, Dialogues, Session 5


The Jerusalem conundrum

The Jerusalem conundrum is a miniature, condensed model of divided humankind in conflict with itself... an ancient, unresolved struggle among three traditions with attitudes dating way back into pre-historic times... ... in the context of the current world transition from an ear of descent to ascent...

...One is the Jewish faction, with its predominantly feminine, matrilineal culture... full of contradictions but very manipulative and adaptable... desperate to settle and establish a family home. Another is the predominantly masculine Moslem faction, featuring several brothers, inspired by high ideals but locked in fierce rivalry as to who's the dominant male.

And third is the Christian faction, pulled between its masculine and feminine sides... which, so far, has left it deeply divided and compromised, rather than transcendent.

Obviously none of the three can 'win' outright... at least not without destroying the prize itself. ...Put very simply, it's growing up time for everyone. And how this is dealt with will serve as an example for many other disputes around the world.

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 6


The OH (One Humanity) Agenda

The primary OH guiding principle for the foreseeable future would be a practical one:

How can we, humanity, best meet the needs of those most in need on Earth now?

For as long as there are significant numbers struggling to survive

without the basic necessities for a decent life, physical and psychological,

humankind as a whole will continue to be plagued by powerful expressions of discontent.

It will suffer desperate migrations, damaging wars, environmental pollution,

 climate instability, wasted resources, mass addictions and so on.

And although these disasters may well suit the short-term agendas

of certain minorities,

they do not serve the wellbeing of humankind as a whole...

which includes all minorities.

The Threshold Perspective


Threshold Basics

The Three Basic Working Principles of the Cosmos

The Threshold perspective reveals that there are three basic working principles

which govern the functioning of the whole cosmos.

This means that all situations, however complex, can be understood in terms of them,

and potentially any problem can be resolved through applying them.


The three principles are:

(1) Consciousness: universal and individual,

(2) Polarity: opposed tendencies within a unity,

(3) Resonance: reverberant vibratory responding.


(1) Consciousness: universal and individual

Consciousnessis primal, the most fundamental essence of which we can conceive.

Thus it has been a continuous theme, running through ancient spiritual traditions

into contemporary psychology and quantum physics.


Universal consciousness is the all-inclusive, first and last, timeless, infinite essence.


Individualconsciousness is each temporarily separate being's continuous awareness.


I think, therefore I am.”,


wrote the 17th century scientist, mathematician and philosopher, Renee Descartes,

affirming the primacy of consciousness over physicality,

of mind over matter.

Organisms continue to function as conscious, living beings

despite the periodic decaying, dying and replacing of all the cells of their physical bodies.

So consciousness, being primal, is the first Threshold principle.

It transcends and is the basis of all physical life-forms – human, animal and vegetable.

It's also implied in such philosophical ideas as hylozoism and pantheism.


(2) Polarity

The universal principle of polarityis the second Threshold principle.

Polarity does notsimply mean duality or two-ness.

It means two complementary opposites within one inclusive wholeness,

with the two tending towards a state of equilibrium, whichever pole is predominant.

Within the one humanity are various polaropposite views, such as spiritual and materialistic.

Polarityis mutually interdependent co-existence within one continuous spectrum, such as:

masculineand feminine, yang and yin,

contraction and expansion, densityand rarity,

the force of gravitypowering the 'descentinto matter',

and the force of levitypowering the 'ascentout of matter'.


Sub-polaritiesare like travelling northwards with the further option of veering east or west.

A situation is said to be 'polarised' when its polar opposites seem far apart, as if separated.


Binary, by contrast, means divided into two exclusive entities, as if nothing unites them.

It's the 'either/or' mentality of yes/no, on/off, all/nothing, one/zero, black/white, us/them etc...

The inherently unstable, sandcastle-like basis of all digital technology is binary logic.

Socially, it results in endless divisive conflict because what's common to both parts is ignored.


(3) Resonance

When vibrating tones respond to one another in consonance or dissonance, as in music;

when people empathise, mutually connect in sympathy or discord, agreement or disagreement;

when two physical bodies in sexual unionpulsate 'as one' and feel 'at one' with the cosmos...

that's resonance, the third Threshold principle.

Notes from the Threshold 

Such is the power of the all-inclusive Threshold perspective that you can navigate your way back to the three basic working principles of the cosmos from wherever you find yourself –at any place or time in the whole story. So, you can end up discovering that all sorts of apparently unconnected issues do have certain things in common, because they're all manifestations of those three principles.

Levy, Dialogues, Session 1


Universal I  and individual I

At the universal level of existence, there are no separate, isolated beings,

in the way that there appear to be on the physical level...

Universal Itake form as the many individuallives embodied in physical matter on Earth.

Each body is a continuously recycling accumulation of earthly matter around a focal point,

shaped by primal energy flow, as mountains and riverbeds are sculpted by wind and water.

The focal point of each individual being is at the heart,

the centre where the upper and lower circuits of energy and blood-flow cross over.

And through generations body-forms adapt to changing cosmic and earthly conditions.


Where the universal and individual dimensions of our being interface

is where the pre-physical and physical-material realms of our being interface.

and that critical level in this work is called the Threshold.

...The focal point of each individual being is at the heart,

the centre where the upper and lower circuits of energy and and blood-flow cross over.

And through generations body forms adapt to changing cosmic and earthly conditions.

Individual Iam thus much more than a complex lump of physical matter

or cosmic stardust which...

is somehow supposed to generate the mysterious something known as consciousness.

I amconsciousness which, at its lower level of vibration, manifests as physical matter.

Notes from the Threshold



Universal consciousness, since you ask, is a bit of a clumsy mouthful, but most other common names seem too loaded with implications from one tradition or another. So, in this internet age, when words have never been cheaper, there are no easy solutions.

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 4


Would you say your Threshold thing is really a kind of substitute religion?

I'd say emphatically, No, the Threshold perspective is not in any way a religion... or a substitute religion. But since my whole life has been one ongoing scientific experiment – at least, as far as I'm concerned – we're talking more about a science than a religion.

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 1


... So, no, I don't suffer from any kind of 'God complex', as you put it, although I am well aware of the dangers of going down that road.

Levy, Dialogues, Session 4



The all-inclusive Threshold perspective resolves the conundrums, enigmas and paradoxes in any discipline by viewing them in their bigger, dynamic, ever-changing context. It also enables you to zoom in to the heart of the problem, at the core, and not be distracted by all the details in between.

So if you want to resolve problems that physicists can't resolve from within the physics mind-box, you have to venture out of it and think beyond the limited range of the physical realm... just as you can't adequately describe liquids by using the language of solid matter. Which is why physicists keep coming up with meaningless but poetic sounding terms like dark matter and dark energy – basically to acknowledge that that there are some phenomena that physics simply cannot handle. And by the way, what dark matter alludes to is, from the Threshold perspective, the pre-physical cosmic force of gravity, while dark energy is the complementary pre-physical cosmic force of levity.


To scientists grappling with the messy, unpredictable world of physical matter and energy, mathematics looked increasingly attractive – as a clean, crystallised, precise, orderly and controllable way of looking at the world. So, despite the dogma preached by Western science that the universe operates by random chance – whether it's micro-particles or mutations in evolutionary biology – science and maths came to a cosy, mutually dependent relationship, a collusion , with each compensating for what the other lacks.


And in the highly mechanised industrial 19th and 20th centuries, while science was king, mathematics found itself elevated in status as its indispensable partner, providing a persuasive language for science... while scientists became addicted to the false sense of accuracy and power they got from the rigour and precision of mathematics. But as a consequence of this, ignorance of certain basic cosmic principles has persisted through many generations.

McTeale, Dialogues, Session 11


...The Threshold perspective shows clearly that the cosmos is a coherent system, based on three simple principles. And The Primal Code, a separate document, outlines a consistent mathematical logic throughout the cosmos. However, this subtly powerful body of knowledge has been perceived as threat by those whose careers, reputations and personal pride rest on supporting the orthodox incoherence doctrine of science.

One effect of recognising the coherence of the cosmos – after all, cosmos means order – will be to reduce the mass ignorance and fear which enable ruling elites to continue exploiting their advantaged position. And that includes SCAB which ultimately funds the mathematicians and scientists... if you get the connection.

 McTeale, Dialogues, Session 11