FREE pdf Notes from the Threshold

This non-fiction work offers a unique, radical, coherent and accessible worldview. It arose from a profound realisation that 3 simple fundamental principles govern the functioning of the whole cosmos and all that it comprises. The Threshold described here is a level of consciousness from which any problem can potentially be resolved by viewing it within its greater context and by penetrating to the heart/centre/core of that problem. From this perspective, one can then transcend familiar divisions, such as between science and religion, objectivity and subjectivity, political and economic doctrines, male and female viewpoints etc. Such priceless, powerful knowledge is free from any partisan political, commercial or religious interests, and is thus offered free as a download.

FREE pdf The Threshold Perspective Dialogues

This is a fictional exploration of some possible consequences and challenges that might be experienced by an individual living in the everyday world with the powerful knowledge revealed in Notes From The Threshold.

Please feel free to make copies for your own use, but not for commercial purposes.


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