The Science of Consciousness, the primary science

Threshold Psychology


This work is essentially an offer to share the powerful overview and insights of the Threshold perspective, unexpectedly discovered in 2005-6. Since then the challenge has been how best to express the basics of this revelation and put it into the world, given limited resources and limited literary abilities.


Notes from the Threshold sets out and explains the three basic working principles according to which the whole cosmos functions. The first of these is that consciousness is primal and can be understood as (a) individual units of consciousness, such as human beings, each of which is one focal point of (b) an all-inclusive universal consciousness.


Consciousness cannot be divided neatly into separate category boxes which can then be set out as a series of chapters. So, this work is not presented in conventional textbook style. All the themes covered interweave, interpenetrate and overlap one another. Which means a certain amount of repetition is inevitable, and hopefully helpful, in clarifying this powerful knowledge.


Threshold Psychology is thus largely concerned with untangling knots, unblocking channels and removing obstructions on the path to appreciating the coherence and patterns to be found behind the apparent and superficial 'randomness' of this world.


Some unease is to be expected when encountering ideas that could potentially expand and deepen our understanding of both ourselves and our world. For such encounters bring into question our existing set of assumptions and values, whether we're consciously aware of these or simply operate according to certain programming installed earlier in our lives.


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